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Nestlé Purina Pet Care is dedicated to improving the health and lifestyle of cats and dogs through quality nutrition and care, and has been doing so for over 80 years.

Our Work

We started changing conversations with them in 2004

The Change Company has been proud to have worked with the senior Executive Team responsible for Nestlé Purina’s largest Australian factory in developing their factory wide strategic plan, and to have done so for several years.  We have been working with this innovative team on various leadership development initiatives.  In addition, we have worked on a whole factory basis teaching communication skills and facilitation far reaching cultural change.

For over 8 years, we have worked extensively with Purina’s regional technical innovation team as they deliver transformational projects in Purina Factories across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and South Africa.  We have facilitated their strategy, delivered critical team building and provided Executive coaching for the team.

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