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Building Teams

We love to help build teams! We have been facilitating team building sessions since 1999, and have facilitated many hundred team building sessions. It remains a core aspect of our business.

Here’s our definition of team building.

“Invigorating the team around agreed direction and goals and establishing new patterns of interaction that enable your team to work together in a vibrant and cohesive manner”.

What components should you consider to be part of your team building initiative? We recommend the following 4 ingredients as a great place to start as you consider what should constitute your session(s).


Building awareness of self and others in relation to your preferences for relating and getting work done.

We generally use the Team Management System of tools to assist groups as they build this awareness, although we are not restricted to it. In connection to this work, the group also reflects on those team patterns that may be unhelpful, and helpful alternatives to those patterns will be clarified.


Developing, or clarifying the team’s most important priorities, and agreeing broad initiatives to achieve those priorities.

We have found most team building initiatives benefit enormously from the inclusion of at least some time where the team reflects on what it is charged to achieve. Frequently, we have found teams are deeply appreciative when they are facilitated to develop agreements on their most important collective goals and associated initiatives.


Agreeing together the team ‘norms’.

Our experience and research strongly supports the practice of facilitating teams to reflect together on ‘how’ they want to work together. Consequently, we usually include some time assisting teams to agree their ‘norms’, The output of this work is a simple set of statements that describe the kind of team the participants want to create together.


Boosting the effectiveness of teams meetings.

To begin the journey of creating effective team meetings, initial guidelines are provided, and a future path laid out for continued development in this area.

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