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Looking to learn more? Head to our Masterclass today

Welcome to The Change Company Masterclass!

This is a new way to change the conversation in your team.


We are very excited to be sharing with you a new way for your teams to connect, share and learn together.

Have you noticed how your team meetings can so easily be dominated by transactional conversations that relate to budgets, projects, problems and actions? Of course, these things need to be discussed, but research has shown that teams need to GROW to be sustainably productive.

That’s why we created the Masterclass.

We had the idea that teams can include in their meetings a time when they might watch a short video on a topic relating to HOW they are working together, then reflect with each other about the ideas presented, then make plans for new action.

Alternatively, you might like to simply watch on your own, deepen your own understanding and share your new insights and intentions with your friends and colleagues afterwards.

We want to provide you with new ways to create conversations that can transform how you work together. You don’t need to go to a training program, and you don’t need to wade through time-consuming online training. Your team can simply watch a short video together, reflect on the implications of the teaching on their practice, then make new plans.

You can do all that as part of your regular team meetings.

The Change Company Masterclass consists of videos of:

– Leadership and The Leadership Circle (TLC),

– How to use Power Better, and

– How to Build Your Team.

All these videos are professionally filmed and edited.

Please contact us about getting an access link for parts or all of your organisation. That link will give access to all those who have it to all the videos on Masterclass for an agreed length of time. Those with access can then watch these videos with their team, then share and learn together.

Alternatively, individuals may subscribe to the Masterclass.  Since this service is new, our subscription process is still a little clunky. If you press on our subscribe now link, you will receive a message from us about the costs, then we will get you started.

We want to welcome you to the Change Company Masterclass.

Let’s start learning together.

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