Our vision is to increase the ability of people everywhere to engage in dialogue that delivers power to take action and genuine internal change. We believe facilitating this kind of dialogue is one of the most critical requirements of leadership today.

Our Vision

The Change Company is a consultancy with a passion for conversations that create new possibilities and empower for action.  Our mission is to facilitate, teach and research into dialogue that enables leaders and their organisations to clarify, then move powerfully toward, their dreams. Our vision is a better world through better dialogue.

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Paul Donovan

Owner and Director

Paul Donovan
Owner and Director

Paul founded the change company in 1999.  His mission, and now his team’s, is to change the conversation into one that enables leaders and their teams to better envisage then realise their vision.

Paul specialises in working with senior executive teams, facilitating their conversation to enable the highest quality dialogue and decision making.  In that context, he loves to work with real and emerging individual and collective tensions to facilitate the richest learning possible.  As a consequence, executive teams are powerfully supported to grow, and thereby provide their upmost leadership to their organisations.

Paul has provided a range of tuition, facilitation and coaching services to organisations that include: First State Super, Mirvac, Lend Lease, Mundipharma Australia, Stockland Property Development Group, Cochlear Australia, Wentworth Community Housing, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Nestle Purina Petcare, Australian Institute of Management, TasNetworks, Thales Australia and many others.

Paul completed his Doctorate from the University of Technology Sydney, Centre of Learning and Change, in 2014.  His research had an emphasis on the implications of ‘undiscussable’ topics on learning and group decision making for senior executive teams.

Paul has published several research articles in academic journals and has also written for management publications.  Please click on the below links to view these.

Peer reviewed journal and chapters in peer reviewed edited books;
1. Practicing Power: Undiscussables, Power and HRD (Chapter 7, p.176-198). 2015

Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Realising Critical HRD - Stories of Reflecting, Voicing, and Enacting Critical Practice. Edited by: Jamie L. Callahan, Jim Stewart, Clare Rigg, Sally Sambrook, and Kiran Trehan

We are thrilled to announce....We have won the Academy of Human Resource Development R. Wayne Pace Outstanding Book of the Year Award.
2. Leaders Behaving Badly: Using power to generate undiscussables in action learning sets. 2014

Taylor & Francis: Action Learning Journal, Volume 11, 2014 - Issue 2

3. Beyond Undiscussables? Why surfacing undiscussables in working groups is more important than ever. 2013

ICBM 6th International Colloquium on Business and Management (ICBM) - Conference Paper

4. ‘I think we should take this offline . . .’: conversational patterns that undermine effective decision making in action learning sets. 2011

Taylor & Francis: Action Learning Journal, Volume 8, 2011 - Issue 2

Management Journals

Paul's qualifications and accreditations include:

  • Accredited in Situational Leadership II (Ken Blanchard) 1998
  • Accredited in Myers Briggs Practitioner 1999
  • Accredited in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey) 1999
  • ‘Trainer as Educator’ (Colin James) 1999; ‘Trainer as Facilitator’ (Colin James) 1999
  • Accredited Trainer in Leadership Effectiveness Training (Dr. Thomas Gordon) 1999
  • Process Oriented Group Facilitation Training (Max Schupback PhD.) 2000 onwards
  • NLP Practitioner and Master NLP Practitioner 2002
  • Accredited Deliverer of Team Management Index Systems 2001
  • Accredited Deliverer of ‘The Effective Facilitator’ (Michael Wilkinson) 2004
  • Master Trainer in Leadership Effectiveness Training (Dr. Thomas Gordon) 2004
  • Accredited Practitioner in The Leadership Circle 360 Model 2010
  • and M.App.Sc. from Sydney University
  • Doctorate in Education from the UTS Sydney, Centre in Learning and Change, where he researched the effect of ‘undiscussable’ conversational topics on executive group decision making 2014

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"Helping teams engage in conversations that connect and create exciting new possibilities is simply one of the most satisfying things in my life.”

Anne-Maree Wilshire


Anne-Maree Wilshire

Anne Maree is a recognised expert in the areas of leadership, influence, communication and negotiation, conflict resolution, presentation skills and authenticity.

For over 20 years she has been delivering training, facilitating programs and coaching senior executives, teams and presenters in personal and organisational excellence.

As a Facilitator and Coach Anne Maree has:

  • Partnered with CEO’s and senior managers to increase their capacity to demonstrate creative and influential leadership. She has helped them to strengthen their relationships with clients, team members and stakeholders and achieve their business outcomes while creating an environment of respect, harmony and understanding.

  • Designed and Facilitated training and coaching programs to support clients in creating and sustaining powerful teams and developing a dynamic and supportive culture. This included having honest and frank conversations, dealing with cultural issues such as resolving conflict and bullying, respecting cultural and behavioural difference and drawing on all team members strengths to achieve genuinely aligned and powerful outcomes.

  • Coached senior managers in their design and presentation of large multi-million dollar pitches from the initial strategy and design stage through to coaching for the presentation. She has coached them in effective use of their body language, voice and choice of words to heighten their impact and authenticity.

  • Worked with Change Leaders and Presenters to congruently communicate and authentically share key messages with clients and stakeholders. She has coached them in structuring the information in their messages to strategically impact these clients and stakeholders.

  • In the following organisations she has designed and delivered training and coaching programs that have supported individuals and teams in refining their professional skills while also aligning their attitude, beliefs and values to support the sustainable change they desire: Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, MLC Implemented Consulting, CSIRO, JB Were, Rothschild Australia, BT Financial Group, Toyota Financial Services, Ark Financial Group, Nestle Australia, Cochlear Australia, Unilever Australasia, Eli Lilly Australia, Novartis Australia, Price Waterhouse Coopers, McKinsey & Company, Woodside Petroleum, BOC Gases, Coca Cola Bottlers, Redken International, Sydney Water.

Anne Maree's qualifications and accreditations include:

  • Accredited facilitator in the TaKeTiNa Method 2011 – 2017 - TaKeTiNa explores individual and team dynamics through combining the principles of Neuroscience with Rhythm while relieving stress and strengthening wellbeing
  • Accredited practitioner in The Leadership Circle 360 Model 2010
  • Accredited trainer in Leadership Effectiveness Training (Dr. Thomas Gordon) 2009
  • Certified DiSC Indra Practitioner 2004
  • NLP Master Practitioner (Michael Hall) 1999
  • Certified DiSC Practioner 1998
  • NLP Master Practitioner (Phillipa Bond) 1998
  • NLP Practitioner (Phillipa Bond) 1997
  • Conflict Resolution Training (Conflict Resolution Network) 1994
  • Professional Trainers Certification I yr prog. (Marvin Oka) - Level 1 (Training Skills), II. (Facilitation) III. (Co-Facilitation) 1992-93
  • A. Communications (University of Technology, Sydney) 1991
  • Training to Train Certification (Stephanie Burns) 1980-90

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Maggie Mulham

Professional Certified Coach and Facilitator

Maggie Mulham
Professional Certified Coach and Facilitator

Originally graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), it wasn’t long before Maggie transitioned from a private practice to assistant manager of the pioneering Hopewood Health Retreat in Sydney’s far west. 

There she designed and delivered their health, weight loss, stress management and work/life balance programs.  It was in those 7 years that her mission to help make our work places healthier and more sustainable took root.

Maggie, then in the role as Senior Consultant at Compass Learning facilitated team building, leadership and diversity programs for corporate groups throughout Australia and Asia.  In this role, she also provided sought after health and well-being talks and seminars.

Currently, Maggie is a consultant with the change company where she is a highly sought after coach and facilitator.  She has achieved the prestigious PCC (Professional Coach Certification) level with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).  Her practice includes personal coaching of all kinds, including Management and Leadership Coaching using The Leadership Circle profile (TLC). 

Maggie is also a facilitator and coach for How Do You Do It where she delivers a range of programs designed for working parents who are striving to make both their parenting and work roles successful and sustainable.

Maggie is married, and parents four kids over a large range of ages.

Maggie’s qualifications and accreditation’s include:

  • Accredited Practitioner in The Leadership Circle 360 Model
  • Process Oriented Psychology training (ongoing)
  • Accredited DiSC personality profile tools
  • Accredited yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, USA (200hr RYT cert)
  • PCC accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) UNE

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"My passion centres on bringing the wholeness of life into our work, and a full and rich working experience into our lives."

Jenny Taylor

Office Manager

Jenny Taylor
Office Manager
Jenny has worked at the change company for over 7 years.  In that time she has transformed our systems and processes and made it possible for us to service our clients FAR more effectively.  It's her that will help you connect with any of our consultants, especially Paul, with whom she works very closely.
Her effectiveness is not surprising since before coming to the change company, Jenny managed for 3 yrs the office of the very successful Impact Solutions International consultancy.
What is less known is that Jenny is also the creative force behind our consultancy.  Jenny designed and delivered this website, which we are very proud.  She also maintains our Online Learning Platform and deftly handles all the technical aspects of that online service.
Jenny lives in Hobart, and reckons its the best place on earth to live.
"I love the order and clarity of good organisation, and the joy of creating powerful, impactful design."

Our Values

Deep Democracy

We stand for the intention and process of deepening our awareness of the non-mainstream and less ‘powerful’ parts of ourselves and our clients, so that we become less one-sided, more mature, and more sustainably effective and successful.  In that context, we bring a strong sense of compassionate curiosity to ourselves and our clients, and a sense of bravery to explore the unexplored and give voice the unspoken.


We love to generate new knowledge and new approaches to the practice of Organisational Development.  This involves continually deepening our knowledge about new practices in our field, building on that knowledge by finding new approaches, and sharing that knowledge.


We remain passionately committed to and focused on being of service. This means we persist through obstacles, remain resilient through difficulties and stay focused on delivering to our promises.  We mean business.

We're trusted by world class organisations.

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