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Mundipharma is a leader in the development and provision of treatments for moderate to severe pain. They provide a broad range of long-acting analgesic medicines to accommodate the wide-ranging needs of patients. Mundipharma also has particular expertise in the development of drug delivery systems, including controlled release technology, that have been successfully applied to a range of analgesics, respiratory treatments and cardiovascular medicines to benefit patients around the world.

Our Work

We started changing conversations with them in 2013

We are proud to announce that the below program was shortlisted for the Best Change Management Strategy and Best Leadership Development Program in the Australian HR Awards 2016.

The Situation

In late 2013, a new Managing Director joined the organisation, and determined that capability development processes and initiatives were under-developed, focusing largely on product training for the sales force. In-fact, there had been minimal managerial development for almost 10 years, leaving them unclear about their people management accountabilities and decision authority. As a consequence, line managers were unclear about performance expectations, and lacked confidence and skill in the management of people. This deficiency emerged as a critical risk given the need to drive development of a high performance, high engagement culture whilst ensuring our duty of care for all employees.

Our Approach

We partnered with the HR Director to deliver the following approach:

  • Clarify and communicate the people management accountabilities for all line managers across the organisation, to ensure a clear context and rationale for the manager development program (also communicated throughout program);
  • Develop and deliver a customised Mundipharma Manager Excellence Program delivering both key skills, and enduring opportunities for reflective skill deepening and sharing of learning.  This consisted of training as a series of nine progressive skill development modules delivered over a 12 month period, supported by ongoing individual and shared reflection;
  • Supported the HR Director to ensure that all people management processes and systems (recruitment, performance management, rewards, development) were aligned with and supported the practices being targeted in the Program;
  • Supported the HR Director to execute the ‘measure and re-measure’ of managers for ongoing development of manager skill development and reinforcement;
  • Supported the HR Director to tie the goals of the Program to a performance imperative via their Employee Engagement Framework and the associated annual Q12 engagement survey on team members.  Through this process he was able to hold managers accountable for the application of Program skills and behaviours at team level;
  • We ensured that the design of the overall Program (including the design of each of the nine modules) addressed well understood requirements for effective whole system change, as per Wilbur’s 4 Quadrants: Personal values and beliefs; Personal behaviours and skills; Shared values and beliefs; Organisation systems and processes.

The Results

  • First time Q12 survey results taken mid-way through 2015 (and mid-way through the Program) showed Very High engagement scores and an engagement ration (highly engaged to actively disengaged) of 9:1, far in excess of Gallup’s engagement tipping point of 5:1;
  • At the completion of 2015 (and at the end of this stage of our Learning and Development Program) managers cored and average of 4.57 (1 being strongly disagree and 5 being strongly agree) in response to the question; “I would say I’m a better manager because of what I learned and applied from the program” (93% being 4 or 5).
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