Just an inkling that something more is possible.
You might sometimes wonder if your strategy sessions could be better.
Maybe much better.


Honest, consultative and productive.

Program Participant - StatePlus

Inclusive, refreshing, engaging, energising. Break-out sessions with opportunity to come up with/discuss top level strategies [were especially helpful].

Peter Finneran - Associate Director - Domestic Student Recruitment, University of Sydney

Awareness of the leadership group's styles, including my own [was particularly helpful] - the 360 description and 'reactive styles' was a new concept to me ... The strategic setting and thinking for the upcoming year is already starting to shape up.

Malka Bakes - Head of Compliance, First State Super

Thanks Paul so much for your warm facilitation skills which you use with such smooth and compassionate ease. You bring a wonderful atmosphere to our board meetings, and I really appreciate what you do and how you do it!

Yelena Udy - CEO, Pathways Psychology Institute Australia

Fun and productive!

Roseanne Du - Admissions Manager, University of Sydney

The program was interesting and very positive. The group was surprised by the outcome. The approach that Paul used for the group to engage in the task and communicate was not confronting, very inviting and inclusive, for all group members to participate. The actions that were decided are being implemented now.

Damien Menanteau - Program Participant

Everyone was involved and engaged and working towards achieving an important agreed objective. All staff ... and particularly a team who need to be reenergised [could benefit from this program].

David Darch - Regional Manager, StatePlus

Emotional and insightful.

Program Participant - Director, Fresh Hope Care

Very effective way of generating ideas. I am looking forward to undertaking this process in the regional office.

Chris Manwaring - Regional Manager, StatePlus

Professionalism, frankness, openness. Comfort and safety in the environment. Calmness. Impacting, uncomfortable, and effective. Any change in any system results in discomfort. Paul's session provided the tools and awareness to sit in the discomfort and know that it's okay. To stop the "rescuer" mentality so often present in leaders of "fixing all the problems". Paul's facilitated session provided me with the tools and awareness to take a different perspective on challenges within the team and organisation.

Daniel Dwyer - Director Group Operations, Fresh Hope Care

A plan that ignites

We suspect you're right.  Your strategy planning sessions should be engaging, exploratory, rigorous, and enable the change you need.  Strategy sessions can be exciting and grounding, head spinning and rigorous.  And they should deliver a plan that’s impregnated with your senior team’s passion, savvy, intelligence and direction.  A plan that ignites the rest of the organisation.

The how really matters

After all, a powerful organisation strategy is undoubtedly one of the most critical components of business success. But it is not just the right strategy that counts; it’s whether it actually works to align and ignite activities within your company and group.  That’s why it’s important how it is created and who it is that creates it. While your organisational strategy sessions with the change company will actively engage your senior team, we naturally expand the process to include at least one level below that team, as appropriate.  Your outcome will be a clear, decisive, and compelling strategy that enjoys deep commitment by the people that really count.

A comprehensive plan

Through engaging us to assist your strategy development you will achieve the following outcomes:

  • A defined purpose consisting of mission, vision and values
  • Clear goals for your business
  • Measurable objectives for each goal
  • Critical success factors
  • Obstacles
  • Key initiatives to achieve your goals

Strategic planning template definitions

Sample strategic plan 1

Goal A

Sample strategic plan 2

Goal B

Sample strategic plan 3

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