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Professional Development Courses

The Change Company is pleased to provide a range of Professional Development courses. In all of these programs there is a prevailing theme…

Our programs will enable you to change the conversation you are having with your teams and your clients. Those conversations will help you to create new thinking, new relationships, and new outcomes.

We want you to know that across our various programs, some aspects of delivery are consistent. All programs are a mix of presentation, whole group discussions, small group discussions and personal reflection time. These various learning contexts allow us to engage participants with diverse learning styles.

Not only that, each program consists of repeated cycles through an Action Learning loop. That loop is present in the following broad pattern created in the program.

  1. Content provided
  2. Facilitated debrief of the content
  3. Skills practice of the tools or concepts
  4. Debrief of skills practice to crystalize learning from practice
  5. Reflections on application of the material
  6. Planning next steps for practical application

Measurements before and after the program, or programs, are routinely administered. That measurement may be a formal 360 survey (see our profiles pages for information on The Leadership Circle Profile and Diamond Power Index) or our much simpler “pulse survey” which retrieves feedback on just one important behaviour.

Pre-program reading or videos are routinely distributed to participants.  In this way, participants are not only aware of competencies targeted in the program, but arrive ready to explore relevant aspects of those competencies.

Have a look at these programs that may be of interest to you:

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