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The Spirit of Humanity Forum is a new global network of organisations, communities and individuals committed to catalyse effective systemic change in governance and decision-making, based on core human values. The Forum creates a safe space for deeper encounter, exploration and dialogue among leaders to discover new ways to move forwards.

Our Work

The Spirit of Humanity Peace conference is held biannually in Iceland. This conference draws corporate, community, academic and political leaders from around the world who share a desire to see humanity’s highest values be more deeply integrated into their field of practice.

Paul was invited to facilitate at the conference, in partnership with Mary Dwyer from Impact Solutions International. This project involved facilitating an extended plenary session (about 300 people) that constituted about a third of the total conference duration. In the session various fields of practice were identified and means of integrating higher human values were explored for each. Subsequent to the conference, small international groups were formed to continue the work of integration.

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