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Overview of Creative Competencies (be a top 10% leader)

Debrief activity and questions

Following your viewing of this 3min 30 sec video, please consider the following.

First, as a group, simply take a few minutes to share together what you considered to be the overall message of the video. In addition, some might like to share particular words or phrases that stayed with them, or that seemed somehow important.

When you have finished that short overall debrief, please consider the following questions as a means of taking your reflections a little deeper and engaging in a little leadership development work together.

Before you tackle these questions, bring to mind a challenging work (or personal) situation you are currently dealing with. Choose a problem that seems somehow a bit “stubborn” or resistant against your usual problem-solving approaches. We will come back to that situation later.

  1. Think about someone you know of, or have a relationship with, who you admire as a leader. Write down two or three names, then select one of those names to think about more deeply.
  2. In connection to the one person that you would like to think about more deeply, please list one or two things about them that you admire or appreciate. For instance, what qualities or ways of doing things does this person show, that you think are really great?
  3. Now consider the small ways you also exhibit those qualities. Remember a specific time when you did, even if in a small way. What did it feel like to act in that way? What motivation or intent did you have when you acted in that way?
  4. Finally, bring to mind the challenging situation in your working or personal life that you recalled earlier. Now, imagine yourself bringing this quality to the situation, and allow yourself to feel a little like you were really doing it. What actions or approaches might you take? What action seems natural to take? Clarify that action now, and pinpoint when it makes sense to take that action.

Resources and further reading

The Leadership Circle (TLC) Wheel is reproduced for reference on the following page.

For further reading associated with this video, see Leadership Development as Priority for Business Performance, following.


Leadership Development as Priority for Business Performance

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