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Executive Coaching Programs

Are you able to recognise and leverage the moments when the true leader within comes out? Do you catch yourself when you are reactive with your team, your colleagues, or even your boss?

A ‘no’ to these are evidenced as career limiting thoughts and behaviours and may be taking you off course. Expert Executive Coaching can help move the needle in the right direction.

Our approach to executive leadership coaching offers leaders the opportunity to make far better application of natural strengths and, importantly, to identify and disable the reactive patterns that are limiting your authentic demonstration of leadership.

We provide coaching that delivers deepened self-awareness, practical tools for immediate application, and far greater personal agency in connection to your most important and pressing challenges. Expect to be transformed.

What is the purpose of Executive Coaching?

Put simply, Executive coaching is intended to help executives perform better at work by reliably accessing their non-reactive “leader self” to perform. Every leader has two selves. One is the reactive, fear motivated, anxious and self-preoccupied self, and the other is deeply purpose orientated, reflective, learning and appreciative self. The first is the “reactive self”, and the second is the “leader self”.

Research shows that approximately 70% of managers do not access their “leader-self” reliably, but rather find themselves thinking, talking, interacting and deciding out of their “reactive self” for most of the day.

But here is the clincher. Most of those 70% don’t know they are living reactively, and at the time are frustrated they are not seeing the results they want. They spend most of their time dealing with unwanted events, and in moments of honesty acknowledge they are playing “not to lose” rather than to win.

The purpose of Executive Coaching is to decisively move away from that persistent frustration, but rather experience work as a place where deep satisfaction accompanies the work of realising heart felt desired outcomes.

Why do some executives NOT get coaching?

While there is no doubt that executive coaching is on the increase (see this link), a Stanford study showed that two thirds of CEOs do not receive outside coaching. Interestingly, all of them wanted it.

Results of the study here.

It would appear that many CEOs choose to go it alone, but few if any really want to. We would propose that most are simply so over worked and so chronically preoccupied with urgent matters, that they simply can’t get beyond their pressing schedules to get help.

And is that so surprising? Most of us would confess to knowing we need help in a particular area, but failing to reach out and get it. Our own unhelpful patterns of thinking and doing somehow prevent us from doing what we deeply suspect is required.

Many of us seem to be hard wired to see our life challenges as something we must deal with on our own.

Receiving executive coaching is a proactive step that can open new possibilities for a working life that is powerfully moving in the direction of stronger partnerships, more vulnerability, less angst, more authenticity, less disappointing results and more shared success.

What are the benefits of Executive Coaching?

Perhaps the best answer to that is try executive coaching and experience the benefits for yourself. There is simply nothing like having your own story to tell.

Nevertheless, it’s fair to expect some description of what you might expect from your coaching.

Here’s a list that is informed by our 20 years of working with Executives, and what they have said:

  • Deeply understand how your reactive, self-sabotaging patterns are at work in your day to day interactions and decision making.
  • Experience a far greater sense of agency in connection to realising your true, heartfelt desires for yourself and your business.
  • Develop a trusting, vulnerable and honest relationship with your coach where you sense you are safe enough to be challenged.
  • Transform the way you work with your colleagues, making each conversation count towards building better relationships and creating great results.
  • Find terrific insight about the next right move in connection to your most important and persistent problems.

What tools do we use at the Change Company?

Apart from the usual psychometric tools, for example those from the suite available at Team Management Systems, we also use 360 degree feedback tools to ensure your coaching is delivered in the context of reliable and relevant data. This data will include your self-assessment, and data about how others experience you at work.

We use two main 360 degree tools to accompany our Executive Coaching:

The Leadership Circle

A comprehensive leadership assessment tool that undoubtedly a breakthrough in the leadership arena. It is the only leadership assessment tool to directly measures the three main reactive tendencies that have been shown to negate leadership. It speaks to the heart of the leadership question, and enables conversations between coach and executive about the “inner” and “outer” work of leadership development.

The Diamond Power Index

The only 360 tool in the world that speaks directly to how Executives are using their power. We are proud to utilize this tool as a means of helping executives use their power with more awareness, more intention and more compassion. Ironically, while executives have significant power available to them, many of them do not FEEL powerful in a day to day, moment by moment way. This sense of powerless makes them vulnerable to misuse of their power.  We utilize this tool to bring that transformational awareness to Executives.

Why choose the Change Company for Executive Coaching?

We have been providing Executive coaching for over 20 years. We have been trusted by hundreds of Executives and managers to provided coaching.

We understand the difference between therapy and coaching, and will not hesitate to recommend a trusted therapist if required. Much has been written about this important difference, and interestingly, an 2002 Harvard Business Review on the dangers of coaching remains one of the most read articles on the topic .

We take our accreditations seriously and continue to receive supervision to ensure we continue to refine and grow our capacity to coach with the upmost professionalism.

We are vastly experienced, trusted by many world class organisations, highly accredited and qualified, and we LOVE coaching. We believe coaching can be an exceptionally powerful approach to transform one’s professional and personal life.

The Change Co. - Testimonials

Honest, consultative and productive.

Program Participant
The University Of Sydney Logo

Fun and productive!

Roseanne Du
Pathways Psychology Institute Logo Round

Thanks Paul so much for your warm facilitation skills which you use with such smooth and compassionate ease. You bring a wonderful atmosphere to our board meetings, and I really appreciate what you do and how you do it!

Yelena Udy
The Change Co. - Testimonials

The program supported me by showing me how to handle reactiveness, and widen the angle on how I see things. The 360 review and the one-on-one coaching which supported it was the most useful part for me. I have attended other courses, but this was one of the best.

Tamim Olime
StatePlus Logo

Very effective way of generating ideas. I am looking forward to undertaking this process in the regional office.

Chris Manwaring
The Change Co. - Testimonials

Paul is a very passionate and entertaining facilitator!

The University Of Sydney Logo

It was fantastic … a very collaborative and fruitful approach to strategic planning. I have appreciated being part of this process, and particularly seeing the culmination of many different colleagues’ perspectives being brought into a more concise and effective set of objectives. Paul’s overall approach to collaboration and planning would be beneficial to many colleagues at all different stages of their career.

Nerida Olson
The Change Co. - Testimonials

The whole program was brilliant and I enjoyed every bit of it! I am already taking on board doing different styles of meetings depending on their purpose and I am more motivated to do this. I am 100% sure I will use the models and am thinking I will use the ‘analysis kite’. This program is different as you can use the content straight away due to its relevance to what we’re doing.

Chitra Sethuramasamy
Stockland Logo

For me, the course created a whole new way of relating to people – whether it be in a meeting or on a one-to-one basis. The whole course was packed with good information and was good fun.

Rick Cooper
The Change Co. - Testimonials

Paul facilitated the group very well. Paul managed and navigated us through it in a way so that everyone was heard and it was a very safe environment … The role playing was exceptionally helpful as it helped me understand the situation from both people’s perspective.

Executive Director
Stockland Logo

Definitely a helpful program in providing practical tools for a different way of managing a team.

Program Participant
The Change Co. - Testimonials

Insightful, confronting at times, but very valuable time with our leadership team, skilfully facilitated and guided by Paul. The immediate result is a stronger connection between us – being vulnerable in front of each other breaks some barriers.

Iva Bogdanova
The Change Co. - Testimonials

It was brilliantly presented for both work and life. I was able to improve the outlook of how I was perceived by others by making subtle changes that realistically have a major impact. The facilitators were very passionate and thought provoking.

Suzy Brown
The Change Co. - Testimonials

The program was interesting and very positive. The group was surprised by the outcome. The approach that Paul used for the group to engage in the task and communicate was not confronting, very inviting and inclusive, for all group members to participate. The actions that were decided are being implemented now.

Damien Menanteau
Cochlear Logo

The program was a great opportunity to have really in-depth yet flexible discussions and explore. Anne Maree was a wonderful facilitator.

Mike Raivars
Stockland Logo

Definitely one of the best courses I have attended! Thanks!

Amanda Brookes
Fresh Hope Care Logo Round

Professionalism, frankness, openness. Comfort and safety in the environment. Calmness. Impacting, uncomfortable, and effective. Any change in any system results in discomfort. Paul’s session provided the tools and awareness to sit in the discomfort and know that it’s okay. To stop the “rescuer” mentality so often present in leaders of “fixing all the problems”. Paul’s facilitated session provided me with the tools and awareness to take a different perspective on challenges within the team and organisation.

Daniel Dwyer
Ascott Sales Integration Logo Round

To find myself on the leadership wheel was great. This gave me insight into how I can improve as a leader, it also helped me with strategies for one of my team … I gained confidence in how to approach my leadership in a new way which helped to reenergise me … I think all leaders could benefit from Paul’s approach and teaching.

Stephen Kennett
The Change Co. - Testimonials

It was great to have a whole day with Paul – away from the office and all of the distractions. I learnt a lot about myself, and was amazed about how much Paul could understand me so quickly based on our discussions. I have incorporated some of the learnings immediately into my thinking and day to day work.

Philippa Pattinson
Fresh Hope Care Logo Round

Emotional and insightful.

Program Participant
The Change Co. - Testimonials

[The program provided] a lot of good insights on how the team saw the management and their views on opportunities to improve. … We have understood a lot more of the team’s feedback as a result.

Chris Proctor
First State Super Logo

Paul’s coaching has been timely and has allowed me to stop and reflect on how things are going with myself and my team. I’ve learnt about how to structure meetings, and how to have “difficult conversations”. It’s been great to freely chat about what is happening with the team – without any conflict or worries about confidentiality. I would definitely recommend this coaching.

Suzette Thurman
Lendlease Logo Round

We were fortunate to have Paul for two sessions and the results have been extremely powerful in helping achieve our goal as a High Performing Team. We have a large, dynamic, and growing team and with Paul’s expert facilitation we undertook Team Management Profiling to better understand each of our work preferences. This not only built relationships within the team quickly but helped provide a deeper appreciation of how we individually approached work, and importantly how we can best work together as a high performing team. To say the team has gelled since is an understatement.

We have also adopted the discipline of The Decision Making Kite Model and have found this to be a powerful tool leading to better meetings. My favourite initiative, however, is how we radicalised our senior leadership meetings and took them from a rolling set of minutes to an engaged and productive session where we collectively solve the real issues facing the team. Every time we have these meetings since we made the change as suggested by Paul I have at least one person come to me and say how good these meetings are!

Andrew Hay
First State Super Logo

I liked the tools provided to assist with opening a meeting. They are professional tools which start the meeting on a positive note, where the staff are likely to get connected and have input into the agenda.

Acting Regional Manager, First State Super
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