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How to Make a Career Transition

Dr. Paul Donovan

3 Initiatives to Create a Great Senior Team

As a leader, how do you ensure your executive team is the best it can be? Here are 3 initiatives you must have in place to realise the power of your team.

3 Steps to Establish a Compelling Senior Team Purpose

Finding a compelling team purpose is the single most important aspect of creating a team. Use these 3 steps to establish that purpose.

7 Steps to Running Effective and Engaging Team Meetings

7 Steps to Running Effective and Engaging Team Meetings Most teams don’t really work. And…


How Undiscussables Erode Team Performance and What to Do About It

Ever heard of the term “undiscussables”? Simply put, undiscussables are topics that create threat or embarrassment in a group or team, and are consequently avoided. Argyris proposed that undiscussables, in a team, or more widely across an organisation, lead to managerial mediocrity, poor organisational performance and malaise. That’s right malaise. I bet you haven’t heard that word for a while...
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