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About The Change Company

Our vision is to increase the ability of people everywhere to engage in dialogue that delivers power to take action and genuine internal change. We believe facilitating this kind of dialogue is one of the most critical requirements of leadership today.

Obsessed with making teams buzz

The Change Company is a consultancy with a passion for helping teams become a place where people find their voice, thrive, and deliver amazing results. Our mission is to facilitate, teach, and research into dialogues that enables leaders and their organisations to clarify, then move powerfully toward their dreams. Our vision is a better world through better dialogue.

Paul Donovan - Owner And Director
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Deep Democracy

We stand for the intention and process of deepening our awareness of the non-mainstream and less ‘powerful’ parts of ourselves and our clients, so that we become less one-sided, more mature, and more sustainably effective and successful. In that context, we bring a strong sense of compassionate curiosity to ourselves and our clients, and a sense of bravery to explore the unexplored and give voice to the unspoken.


We love to generate new knowledge and new approaches to the practice of Organisational Development. This involves continually deepening our knowledge about new practices in our field, building on that knowledge by finding new approaches, and sharing that knowledge.


We remain passionately committed to and focused on being of service. This means we persist through obstacles, remain resilient through difficulties and stay focused on delivering to our promises. We mean business.

We’re trusted by world class organisations.

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