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There is no doubt that Profiling tools can be of HUGE assistance to individuals and groups in their endeavour to get to know themselves better, and work better with each other. Over the years, we have come to build deep expertise in the use of three profiling tools in particular. Each of these three tools target distinctly different arenas of management.

But before we get into the specifics about the profiles we use in the Change Company, I’d love to share a little more about how and why the use of profiling tools has found a place in our consultancy, and in almost every successful consultancy around the world.

Personal Awareness

Profiling tools can terrifically speed up the process of self-awareness. Whatever the targeted area of awareness, an expertly designed, validated and administered profiling tool can shed light on areas of ourselves that were previously not seen, or not well understood. And self-awareness is a central and key component to professional growth and the development of leadership.

Collective Awareness

I have observed many, many groups and teams have profound “aha” moments when they first observe a map showing all the individual profiles in the team. In the hands of a skilful tool administer, groups can see at a glance areas of interaction between the individual profiles which can explain where and why the team operates brilliantly in some spaces, and with great challenge in others. It’s often deeply reassuring and empowering.

Imagining something better

When teams experience a big lift in personal and collective awareness, hope, even faith, that things will get better emerges. But the group gets even more than that. They can create together a working, vivid picture of what it would look like if they worked together in far better ways. A far more vivid and powerful shared picture of how they need to work together to achieve their most ambitious goals can be created, and owned.

The WHY behind teams need to work on communicating better

If you want your team to truly understand why working on communication skills is of upmost importance, then use one of the profiling tools we describe below. Each one makes a tight case, in their own way, for prioritising the development of skills to relate to each other in ways that better manages the natural tensions that emerge between us.


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