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Leadership Development Program & Training

Welcome to the change company. Knowing how the collective leadership of your team is experienced is very powerful information.

What’s the leadership gap?

The Leadership Development Program & Training gives sharp focus to the desired leadership culture of your management team, and the current reality to that culture.

Data, reflections, insight

Using The Leadership Circle tool to provide the raw data, your team will then explore the implications of that data, and derive the key insights required to guide potent action.

Not only will your senior team explore new territory in service of transforming their organisation, they will become a connected and committed team while doing so. And that will be central to why their plans will be realised, their growth accelerated, and their leadership deepened. The team will explore their own reactive patterns, in the service or releasing their leadership potential.

Transformational action

The Leadership Development Program & Training is not for the faint-hearted. It’s for the team that want to befriend reality, and make it sustainably better. Your 360 feedback data will be used to map a developmental journey for your senior and Executive team that profoundly changes their experience at work, and the experience of those who they must lead. Come on the journey.


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