Manager as

Many meetings today are frustrating because decisions don’t get made,
or if they do, genuine consensus is absent.


The course provided reinforcement to certain fundamentals and introduced new techniques. It was delivered at a very good pace and there were a lot of thoughts to ensure constant engagement of participants.

Elizabeth Tang - Program Participant, Stockland

When we talked through the questions: My personal objectives, how would I feel, what would I think if I felt like this etc. It was amazing going through these steps, just how clear my mind became. It cancelled out all the clutter.

Nicole Clark - Animal Ethics Manager, University of Sydney

The program taught me the importance of articulating the benefits of the meeting to participants.

Louisa Blennerhassett - Centre Manager, Stockland

Definitely one of the best courses I have attended! Thanks!

Amanda Brookes - Centre Manager, Stockland

For me, the course created a whole new way of relating to people - whether it be in a meeting or on a one-to-one basis. The whole course was packed with good information and was good fun.

Rick Cooper - Program Participant, Stockland

Paul was very engaging, he shared his own journey and experiences in a very open and transparent manner ... I found the approach helpful as it created the feeling of a safe environment for me - and I in turn had very open and honest conversations with people I was interacting with for the first time.

Tabassum Humza - Senior Commercial Manager, University of Sydney

Great course that was insightful, engaging and interesting. The skills I've learnt are realistic to put into practice to enable me to better my skills.

Liza Maris - Centre Manager, Stockland

I gave the leadership team a run down on my 2 days with you and we have agreed to completely restructure our monthly meeting to ensure the time spent is effective, stimulating and real issues are addressed. After I left on Tuesday, I had 3 new words that came to mind: Practice ….. experiment….. perfect / improve. Thanks again for 2 very informative and rewarding days.

Program Participant - First State Super

It was great, thoroughly enjoyed it, he was so engaging.

Alison - Senior Marketing Specialist, University of Sydney

Thanks for delivering a polished and rewarding course Paul! I have already enhanced a problematic meeting so the reward is immediate.

Program Participant - Cochlear

We have a problem...

The unique Manager as Facilitator program targets the building of skills critical to the successful facilitation of meetings.  We believe these important skills to be a vital component of the leadership competencies required by managers and executives today.  Many meetings today are frustrating because decisions don’t get made, or if they do, genuine consensus is absent.  Often, the decisions are delayed till the boss or a small subset decides later.  The consequences can be devastating, as the final decision may then not be supported, buy-in may be weak, and implementation becomes sloppy or not at all. 

FInally, powerful meetings

In the Manager as Facilitator program you will learn how to design and facilitate meetings that deliver collective decisions that enjoy strong buy in.  You will be able to create the kind of meeting where involvement is high, real progress happens, and a genuine impulse for action is evident.  Ultimately, your meetings will fulfill the role in your organisation for which they were intended.

The skills you take away

Specifically, upon completion of this program you will be able to:

  • Prepare by ensuring a clear, relevant purpose, and build buy-in before the meeting has even begun.
  • Design your meeting with the appropriate structure to achieve effective collective decision making.
  • Open your meeting in a way that works to support your participants being engaged, informed, on the same page, and enthusiastic to get going!
  • Develop and deliver questions that effectively guide your participants through your meeting design and its associated agenda.
  • Wrap-up your meeting to ensure no loose ends and maximise the likelihood of completion of desired post meeting action.
  • Create a free, more creative group discussion by facilitating a safe space to say the ‘edgy’ or difficult things.
  • Inject rigor and robustness into meeting conversations by making them more ‘data rich’.
  • Keep your group Focused, raise the Energy and use top Scribing techniques (i.e. FES) to ensure participants are fully engaged and on-board, THE WHOLE meeting!
  • Skilfully handle distracting or disturbing behaviour so your meetings are not sabotaged.
  • Facilitate your own ongoing development by understanding the journey of maturation from the Reactive to Creative Facilitator


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