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Leaders know that it takes more than technical ability and business savvy to be successful in today’s business environment.


The whole program was intensive and relevant. It was great to really be able to condense and use the methods in a practical way, for example; the different types of meetings, what type of meeting you would hold and when, and setting up a strategy around what information is viewed and when.

The other big things were getting group decisions. Being aware of what the group wants and getting them to be a part of that decision, rather than dictating. Usually you are getting told to do it and the decision is already made. This program has a very different emphasis on being more inclusive.

Program Participant - Stockland

The [coaching] sessions have been very useful on a few fronts. I understand better the reactionary patterns in myself and others. Learning skills on how to enact change in my behaviours and in turn others has also been useful. For instance, I now utilise breathing practices in the face of aggressive behaviour and thereby often successfully avoid lashing back or stumbling through a response.

I have also done some introspective searching on what I really want, what my strengths and weaknesses are, and made some planned goals to help change my situation. I would recommend this coaching to those looking for answers when it comes to dealing with difficult situations.

Coachee - Project Manager

Paul Donovan’s skills as a coach are so profound that he manages to quickly get to the heart of where you as a client wish to go and what’s stopping you getting there, with total honesty, absolute clarity and real empathy. And once he has got you there, the true value he brings, is that as a client you learn to embody and take his wisdom into your next meeting or job interview – so that you feel that you are not alone – he is right there, by your side.

Joanna Woutersz - Senior NSW Engagement & Communications Manager, Healthdirect Australia

Definitely a helpful program in providing practical tools for a different way of managing a team.

Program Participant - Stockland

I gave the leadership team a run down on my 2 days with you and we have agreed to completely restructure our monthly meeting to ensure the time spent is effective, stimulating and real issues are addressed. After I left on Tuesday, I had 3 new words that came to mind: Practice ….. experiment….. perfect / improve. Thanks again for 2 very informative and rewarding days.

Program Participant - First State Super

The course provided reinforcement to certain fundamentals and introduced new techniques. It was delivered at a very good pace and there were a lot of thoughts to ensure constant engagement of participants.

Elizabeth Tang - Program Participant, Stockland

Thanks for delivering a polished and rewarding course Paul! I have already enhanced a problematic meeting so the reward is immediate.

Program Participant - Cochlear

This course is well worthwhile. The coaching session is something I am reflecting on every day. It provided new information and a new way of looking at things, while teaching me more about the things I was aware of. Most training programs tell you something you already know and this was designed to tell you something you didn't know.

Program Participant - Novartis

To find myself on the leadership wheel was great. This gave me insight into how I can improve as a leader, it also helped me with strategies for one of my team ... I gained confidence in how to approach my leadership in a new way which helped to reenergise me ... I think all leaders could benefit from Paul's approach and teaching.

Stephen Kennett - Program Manager, Ascott Sales Integration

The program taught me the importance of articulating the benefits of the meeting to participants.

Louisa Blennerhassett - Centre Manager, Stockland

Being smart is not enough

Leaders know that it takes more than technical ability and business savvy to be successful in today’s business environment.  The ability to communicate and deal with conflicts effectively is equally, if not more important.  While some have more talent than others in this area, it is clear that in today’s world, a genuinely solid level of competence in interpersonal communications is absolutely essential.  

Leading Courageous Conversations teaches a concrete, actionable set of tools and skills that reduce conflict in the workplace, increase time on task and measurably reduce the costs of people problems.  It is an intensive, skills-based training that develops interpersonal communication and conflict resolution competencies in managers and supervisors.  This program is proven to deliver, and was originally developed by two time Nobel Peace prize nominee Dr. Thomas Gordon of Gordon Training International.

A powerful set of tools

Through Leading Courageous Conversations, your organisation’s leaders learn, practice, and understand when and how to apply a powerful set of tools that measurably influence their workers’ behaviours and habits, and create a culture of a culture which taps the creative resources, abilities and productivity of all its members, not only its leaders.  The result is a more productive, efficient and fulfilling workplace.

We also provide a simple 360 assessment tool with this program, so that your development can be monitored.

The skills you take away

Specifically, the four basic relationship skills you will learn are:

  1. The ability to determine who owns the problem in any interaction – so that the optimum communication tool can be chosen each and every time.
  2. The ability to listen with understanding and acceptance when others are troubled – ensuring that problems get handled on the spot and productive work can take place.
  3. The ability to express concerns clearly, honestly and assertively – and therefore avoid the blame game or avoidance of the problem.
  4. The ability to resolve conflicts – in such a way that no-one loses.

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