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TCorp is the financial markets partner of New South Wales public sector agencies. They deliver their clients better borrowing and investment outcomes due to their financial markets expertise and significant economies of scale. As part of the New South Wales Government, they have a unique understanding of their clients and share a genuine alignment of interests. They have been successfully servicing the public sector for more than 30 years.

Our Work

We started changing conversations with them in 2014

The Situation

One of our projects with NSW Treasury (TCorp) has been to assist in building the IT Management team consisting of 5 members, and a total department size of about 28. The primary objective was to build a team that collaborated across their sub teams to create better IT outcomes for TCorp.

Our Approach

We utilised the Team Management System as a tool to assist the Management team in better understanding each other’s communication, decision making and other work preferences.  This was done with the broad intent of building personal and collective awareness about the similarities and differences within the team.  The team were also presented with three different kinds of senior teams (informational, consultative or shared decision making) and were encouraged to choose which kind of team they wanted to become.

The Results

The team made the decision to embark on the challenging and rewarding journey of creating a powerful shared decision making team. That is, to become a high performing team. Medium and longer term plans are now being developed to set up their unique system of meetings, develop team norms, and establish their team purpose.

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