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Stockland is a diversified Australian property development company, responsible for the management of shopping centres, residential communities, office complexes, industrial centres and retirement villages.

Our Work

We started changing conversations with them in 2010

The Situation

One of our projects with Stockland, over the many years we have been working with this company, has been to support them to strengthen their partnership with one of Australia’s premier construction companies.

Our Approach

We have facilitated a series of joint meetings involving senior Management from both Stockland and their construction partner associated with various multi-million dollar development projects. These meetings have in each case examined what sometimes happens on projects that causes problems, and how ‘reactions’ to those problematic behaviours generally makes things worse. After this joint examination, the combined team has, for each project, agreed the behavioural norms and approaches that will minimise unhelpful conflict.

The Results

The joint meetings have been so successful in helping to create a harmonious and productive joint project team, that they have become a regular engagement for Stockland and their partner when initiating large development projects. Indeed, as far as Stockland is concerned, the difference experienced between large projects which have made this initial investment and those which have not has been very significant.

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