Immunity to
Change Program

The reality is that each management team usually has various patterns of interaction and behavior which is limiting the very change they want to make.


There were two big learnings from my work with Paul. I know they might sound obvious, but I now understand them at a deeper level. First, 9 times out of 10, people get things done and it’s wise and safe to trust them. Second, give people the time to get to their own solution -don’t solve it for them. Don’t do it – just facilitate it! These learnings make a difference!

Coachee - First State Super

I’d just like to thank you for your advice and coaching – without your assistance I don’t think I would have unlocked the confidence and strength in myself to apply for (or look suitable for) the position. In particular, your advice around realising my potential and being “myself” has paid off in spades.

Coachee - Ombudsman Tasmania

Insightful, confronting at times, but very valuable time with our leadership team, skilfully facilitated and guided by Paul. The immediate result is a stronger connection between us - being vulnerable in front of each other breaks some barriers.

Iva Bogdanova - Program Participant

[The program provided] a lot of good insights on how the team saw the management and their views on opportunities to improve. ... We have understood a lot more of the team's feedback as a result.

Chris Proctor - Program Participant

The sessions built from revealing the differing perspectives that could be put on difficult interactions with others, and moved my thinking from frustration to positive action. I now, far more often, catch myself in the moment of acting and allowing myself to consider other perceptions before I act 'self-righteously'. I wish I had experienced this work a long time ago. It's been absolutely life-changing.

Lesley French - Assistant Director - Planning Monitoring and Evaluation, Skills Tasmania

Paul is an excellent sounding board, and he does force me to rethink matters from a much more strategic viewpoint. To be honest, the thought of coaching was slightly terrifying, but I give my sessions with Paul a solid 5 out of 5. He is a terrific listener who knows just when to cut in with analysis and ideas for the next course of action.

Ian Pendleton - General Counsel and Company Secretary, First State Super

Having undergone the TLC debrief I am more aware how and why I react to certain scenarios and how I can use my TLC learning to better approach situations in the workplace. Paul's coaching has really helped me pause and think. I have now fundamentally changed the way I conduct conversations with direct reports. I recommend this coaching!

Andrew Vogt - General Manager Financial Planning, First State Super

Being a strong controller, I have become much more aware of how I communicate with my team. There have been a couple of occasions when the controller was about to explode out from me but I have restrained and trusted the process.

Joe Taouk - Senior Director R&D, IQVIA

Well facilitated, the penny really dropped in our minds on a few items! Paul got each of us to understand the content and each other and made it more effective to talk to each other.

Eric Chung - Program Participant

I just wanted to thank you for the generous time and wisdom you provided me this afternoon (and over the past few months). Our discussions rotate around a fascinating yet challenging journey that I’m taking personally as well as professionally. I’m motivated by the skills I am developing and acquiring that I am sure will allow me to better motivate and inspire my peers and my direct reports and ultimately to bring about greater results for our organisation. I really appreciate your guidance and your advice and I look forward to our ongoing dialogue and the voyage ahead. Thanks again.

Coachee - Mundipharma

Why is change so hard?

Ever wondered why some of the most desired changes can seem beyond our reach?  We know we want the change, but can’t seem to sustain the action required to realise it.  Of course, this phenomenon is well known, and Kegan and Lahey’s breakthrough technology is here to address it. Welcome to the Immunity to Change program.

Make the invisible, visible

This program enables the senior or middle management team to identify their own collective and individual sabotaging patterns, and thereby unlock entirely new capacities.  This powerful understanding enables new power to take action, new behavioural choices, and new business outcomes to be realised.  It is simply transformational to understand the individual and collective assumptions that are driving your unwanted behavioural patterns.  And with that critical insight, we begin to disrupt those assumptions and create breakthrough change.

Now for the real work

This is a powerful series of meetings designed to enable management teams to get out of their own way, and lead. In this program we will guide your senior team to reflect in new ways, engage in entirely new conversations, press boundaries on what was "allowed" to be talked about, and release enormous power to lead.  The more leadership, the more business outcomes.

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