The Authentic

Gain rich insight into the underpinnings of your leadership, and grow from the inside out to lead with greater authenticity, courage, and effectiveness.

The inside and outside of leadership

In The Authentic Leader program participants gain significant insight into the underpinnings of their leadership, and how their inner worlds of thought translate into productive or unproductive styles of leadership.  This awareness increases leverage for change and enables participants to lead with greater passion, compassion, courage and effectiveness.

This program has been truly life changing for many participants.

Delivery of this program uses The Leadership Circle (TLC) framework of Leadership.  This framework is uniquely holistic and includes a comprehensive 360 tool.  It represents a massive breakthrough in our understanding and tuition of Leadership.  Importantly, the TLC feedback is also contextualised to a large database of assessed managers from the U.S., Europe, and the U.K.

Combine TLC with action learning

By completion of the program, each leader will have a plan for improving their own and their team’s performance.

If you have leadership competencies already established, we will ensure The Authentic Leader Program is crafted to deepen the integration of those competencies.  We will also work with you to ensure the ongoing leadership development through the vehicle of Action Learning sets that address real and pressing business issues.  Here at the change company, we bring cutting edge knowledge to Action Learning technology.

This program will set the foundation for other programs included in the leadership development system within your organisation.

Who are you becoming?

Here are some of the outcomes of The Authentic Leader Workshop:

  • Stimulate and accelerate leadership behavioural change.
  • Provide 360 degree feedback using the Leadership Circle Profile.
  • Engage participants in discussions, exercises, simulations, and various reflections that deepen insight into, and encourage ownership of TLCP results.
  • Increase self-awareness about leadership style, about specific competency strengths and weaknesses, and about the inner “operating system” that is running the participant’s behaviour pattern.
  • Help the participant create quality actions plans for improvement for desired outcomes and project goals, and build support for follow-through.

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