Coaching Programs

Is coaching just for executives? We don't think so.
We see it as a powerful and exciting option for managers.

Communication Skills Coaching

Are you troubled by difficult work relationships that get in the way of delivering?  Could you benefit from personalised coaching to communicate MUCH more effectively with difficult people?

Less Pear Shaped Conversations

This coaching service is directed specifically on the critical area of communication skills.

You might be very capable technically but you may be frustrated that your message is not getting through, or too frequently gets a defensive response.  You may have been given feedback that you require assistance in this important area or you may have some especially difficult people with whom you must work.  Whatever the case, your personal Communication Skills Coaching will provide insight on why too many of your important conversations go pear-shaped and what you can do about it.

Better Conversations, Better Work

In these sessions, our target areas will include skills to handle emotional outbursts from others, skills to assert with those whose behaviour is problematic for you, and skills to resolve conflict. Bottom line is that your Communication Skills Coaching will deliver greater capacity to effectively interact with even the most difficult person and therefore enjoy a far more effective and less stressful work experience.

Facilitation Skills & Conference Design Coaching

Getting sweaty about an upcoming meeting?
We understand.
We can help.

Personalised Support

Are you about to facilitate an important meeting? Or perhaps you need to design the structure for a large conference?  Do you want design assistance or facilitation skills training in a personalised or private setting?

In either case, we provide coaching to enable you to better meet the challenge of ensuring your conference is a success, or facilitating an effective meeting.  Let’s face it: meetings and conferences are a place where your leadership is highly visible to your organisation.  So getting it right really counts.

Getting Your Act Together

Our coaching in these important areas will take the guess work out of your meetings and conferences and ensure your strong performance.

Your coaching may include the design of a particular meeting you may need to facilitate; developing the structure for a large conference; practicing the specific steps required to guide your meeting or building your capacity to stay present and resourceful throughout the gathering.  It will include whatever it requires to ensure you face your next meeting or conference with confidence and greater competence.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is reserved for those who want movement in their professional lives in the areas they just can't seem to get traction!  This coaching is about unearthing the restraining patterns of thought that have kept your most important improvement goals at bay.  At the essence of leadership is the ability to gain a clearer view of oneself and ones sabotaging patterns of thought and action, and dramatically lessen their hold.  If you have areas of change that are genuinely important to you, and would increase your power at work, but your needed improvement has been illusive to date, then please consider Leadership coaching. 

As part of your Leadership Coaching, we will talk to you about gaining feedback from your colleagues. This may be through The Leadership Circle 360 tool, or a simpler, less comprehensive option we also use.  Either way, we will work with you to ensure your sessions are grounded in sensible feedback.

Take the plunge, and accelerate your development.

Ready to change your conversations?

Get started today!

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