Team Building
and Learning

Individuals are often over stretched and stressed,
but TEAMS are under challenged.

What is Team Building?

Here’s our definition of team building.

“Invigorating the team around agreed direction and goals and establishing new patterns of interaction that enable your team to work together in a vibrant and cohesive manner”.

The Four Ingredients

Here are the Four Ingredients we believe are required to cook a truly remarkable team building initiative.

The Four Ingredients

When will team building help?

Team building is beneficial when:

  • A new team is forming
  • Your team meetings are flat and non-communicative
  • Performance of the team is below expectations or unacceptable
  • Tensions within the team hamper group problem solving or business planning
  • Your environment has changed and your business objectives need to be revised
  • The team has new leadership or significant change of personnel
  • The team is asking for help!

Your team building session will be designed with you to meet your specific needs.  We have facilitated over 250 team-building sessions, and in each case, have worked with our client to clarify their important outcomes.  Since we mentioned that we often use the Team Management Profile, here is little information about that tool.


Employment Organisation - Senior Team Norms

Pharmaceutical Leadership Team - Team Norms & Behaviours

Factory Senior Team - Norms & Behaviours

Community Centre - Senior Team Norms & Behaviours

Pharmaceutical Executive Leadership Team - Norms & Behaviours

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