Don’t just ‘resolve’ conflict, use it to create better teams,
and better business performance.

Don't just resolve conflict

Conflict can be very uncomfortable.  Awkward, stressful and horrible.
And bad for business.
And conflict resolution can help.

At the same time, we understand conflict to be central, even critical to your team’s growth and success.

Within the centre of conflict lies the seed for the required development of the group to meet the present business challenges.  So rather than just ‘resolve’ conflict, we aim for more.

A systematic approach

We will enable you to use your conflict to build a better team.
And achieve far improved business performance.
PLUS one other thing...

Even isolated conflict can be a systemic concern. Let me explain.

It is not just those directly in the conflict who should be considered.  It is often just as important to understand the reactive strategies your group is putting in place to the conflict.

To explain this a little further, some of your team, in reaction to conflict in their environment may become:

  • over accommodating and flexible or
  • distant, remote and critical or
  • increasingly dominating, direct or dictatorial

Consider the whole team

Most of our sabotaging responses to conflict can be described by one or a combination of these archetypal reactions.  Unfortunately the outcome of these reactive patterns is usually to intensify the original conflict.

So, consider a whole team response to your conflict. It could be the cleverest thing to do.

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