Peer to Peer
Learning Program

Put your senior or middle management team on a 12-month learning journey that will transform how they lead people.

Managers becoming learners together

Our Peer Action Learning program (PAL) will give your team of managers or executives a wonderful opportunity to become learners together.  Your team will become an Action Learning team that creates dedicated forums to engage in the observe-reflect-plan-action cycle that delivers genuine change, both inside and out.  In this way, your team will become one that not only works together, but learns together.  And the research is clear; those teams that learn together, also perform better. Each of your sessions will be professionally facilitated, and your team will receive customised instruction on how to coach and support each other.

It gets measured

Importantly, this program also includes our breakthrough means of collecting fast targeted data on individual performance.  Each member will receive regular “Pulse Check” feedback on their chosen area of development. The “Pulse Check” is a 3 minute, 3 question survey distributed to a close group (5 or 6) of colleagues that delivers plain data on your progress in relation to a single critical behaviour of your choice.  That way, you don’t have to wait for your BIG 360 leadership survey to know if you're making progress.

Don't leave the workplace to learn

Our Peer to Peer Learning program is a profoundly innovative response to the problem of bringing learning and transformation INTO the workplace. No longer do managers need to leave to attend learning programs, only to struggle with returning to an unchanged workplace that does not support their intended personal changes. This program enables managers to work on their developmental goals in a structured dependable way, and to do it together. Great!

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