Immunity to
Change Program

The reality is that each management team usually has various patterns of interaction and behavior which is limiting the very change they want to make.

Why is change so hard?

Ever wondered why some of the most desired changes can seem beyond our reach?  We know we want the change, but can’t seem to sustain the action required to realise it.  Of course, this phenomenon is well known, and Kegan and Lahey’s breakthrough technology is here to address it. Welcome to the Immunity to Change program.

Make the invisible, visible

This program enables the senior or middle management team to identify their own collective and individual sabotaging patterns, and thereby unlock entirely new capacities.  This powerful understanding enables new power to take action, new behavioural choices, and new business outcomes to be realised.  It is simply transformational to understand the individual and collective assumptions that are driving your unwanted behavioural patterns.  And with that critical insight, we begin to disrupt those assumptions and create breakthrough change.

Now for the real work

This is a powerful series of meetings designed to enable management teams to get out of their own way, and lead. In this program we will guide your senior team to reflect in new ways, engage in entirely new conversations, press boundaries on what was "allowed" to be talked about, and release enormous power to lead.  The more leadership, the more business outcomes.

Ready to change your conversations?

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