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Are you ready to overcome personal sabotaging tendencies and really lift your performance?

Disable your reactive patterns

Do you sense the need to work better with others, to overcome personal sabotaging tendencies or simply want higher performance from yourself, your team or your business?

Our approach to leadership coaching offers leaders the opportunity to make far better application of natural strengths and, importantly, to identify and disable the reactive patterns that are limiting your authentic demonstration of leadership.

We use The Leadership Circle

We recommend the Leadership Circle’s breakthrough 360 degree tool to provide rigor and accuracy to every leadership coaching session.  This way we can ensure our coaching is being delivered in the context of reliable and relevant data about how others (and you) experience the leadership you offer.  Using this data, we will generate, with you, a blue print for your leadership development.

Lift your leadership

Your leadership coaching will include genuine inner work on thoughts, feelings and beliefs and outer work on behaviours and skills.  Therefore, you can be assured your leadership development is authentic and sustainable.

Because of the depth of this coaching and the richness of the data we retrieve using the Leadership Circle 360 tool, we generally recommend a minimum of 6 sessions with you. During these sessions you can be certain your leadership will be lifted to the next level and thereby increase your effectiveness in every area of your life.

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